How to Avoid and Report Phishing Email in your Gmail Account?

If someone try trick to steal or sharing your personal information online that’s condition called phishing attack. This trick is done through the email, ads or sites which are look like your similar sites which you are using such as someone can send you an email for phishing attack that will like come from your bank so you can give them your bank account information.

If phishing attack on your Gmail account, it can be asked follow details as given below:

Usename and passwords, security numbers of social sites, bank account details, PIN number, credit or debit care number, your mother’s name, your birthday etc. if you are getting this kind of email messages, immediatlely report phishing emails.

If you feel that email may be phishing, Gmail is showing a warning or move your emails to spam box, now follow the steps as given below to mark or unmark phishing email.

  • First open your computer, open Gmail account
  • Open that message.
  • Next reply, reply and click on the down arrow > down arrow.
  • Click on report phishing.

If email was incorrectly marked as phishing, follow steps as given below:

  •  Open your Gmail account in your computer.
  • Open that particular email message
  • Next go to Reply> Reply, click the Down arrow> Down Arrow.
  • Click on the option Report not phishing

What is the process to Avoid Phising Attacks?

You should always careful anytime you will get an email from a site which asking for personal information. If you are receiving this kind of email follow the steps as given below:

You should avoid this kind of email, don’t click any links and not provide any personal information until you sure that email is real.

If that sender has Gmail email address, you can report that email abuse to Google.

If you feel that an email looks like suspicirous, you should always check a few things as given below:

  • You should check that the email address and the sender email address is matched.
  • Must check that email is authenticated or not.
  • Must hover over links before clikc on it. If the url is not match as the description of link as given, may be it will phishing sites.
  • Must check the message headers to make sure the “from” header is not showing an incorrect name.

If you will careful and take care all of points and given above, you can keep away from phishing attack on your Gmail address.

How to Add Gmail to Outlook? – Complete Procedure

gmail support

Do you want to synchronize your Gmail account wih Outlook mail client? And don’t know the process to add your Gmail account to outlook, this post can be helpful for you where you can easily learn the complete procedure step by step just follow all that steps and use your Gmail account with outlook mail client.

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How to Recover Gmail Password? – Forgotten, Hacked & Reset Gmail Password.

We all know that Gmail is one of the most popular emails. It is well known for its beautiful and useful features which are free available such as filter email, notification, Gmail offline and other. Gmail is offered free or premium email account which are use to done our personal and profession work. If you are Gmail account user so it’s common that you send and received important data through the emails like keep contacts list of your clients, bank statement in Gmail inbox, keep important data in Google drive and many important messages in your Gmail inbox.

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How to Sign In or Log In to Gmail Account?

If you are new user of Gmail account and don’t know what is the procedure of login into Gmail account so this post can be most helpful for you, Get here complete Gmail login process step by step after read this post you will able to login from a computer, Android phone and iPhone or iPad.

Login into Gmail account from a Computer:

gmail login

  • First enter or in browser.
  • Click on Login button right side upper corner.
  • Enter email address, click on next button
  • Enter password click login
  • Now you have successfully logged in to your Gmail account

Sign into Gmail on Android Phone
If you want to use Gmail account in android phone so you have to add your Gmail account to the Gmail app, so you can easily sign in to app using this email account before adding email account user must be update the Gmail app.

gmail login android phone
First open Gmail app.
Tap menu from the top left corner.
Tap the down arrow to the right of username.
Tap add account option.
Next choose type of account you want to add.
Follow all the steps on the screen to add your email account.
After adding your email account, user is able to signed into Gmail account any time.

Sign into Gmail on iPhone and iPad
If you add an account to the Gmail app so you can sign in to the app using that Gmail account. you can easily add multiple email accounts to the app and switch each other easiest way.
Open Gmail app in your phone or iPad.
Tap the Menu option in the top left corner.
Tap the account address but skip this step on iPad.