How to Block or Unblock Gmail Contact?

In Gmail you can block a contact which sends spam email, suspicious email and you want to keep away that person in your email. User can mark emails as spam and that emails are automatically move to junk folder or received email in junk folder. Sometimes, Google filter are not worked proper way so that case users can block that person from their contact list.

block gmail contact

There are lots of users who don’t know method to block contact in Gmail. If you are one of the users, this post can helpful for you where Gmail contact block process defined step by step.

For blocking a Gmail sender you need to follow some basic actions as given below:

  • First, you need to open a message from the unwanted sender.
  • Next, select the block sender name from the message dropdown menu.
  • Confirm to block that contact.

Follow the process to block contact in Gmail account:

  • First, you need to login in your Gmail account.
  • If your Gmail inbox has full with messages, search that person’s name in the box at the top.
  • Click on down arrow to go the sender’s name
  • Click on block option (sender name) from the list that drops down.
  • Press the block to confirm option.

After blocking that person, you will get stop to receiving emails from this person.  If you have blocked someone by mistake, you can unblock that person.

Method to unblock Gmail contact step by setup:

  • You need to click on settings gear icon on the top right of Gmail inbox.
  • Select the settings option
  • Next, tap the filters and blocklist link.
  • Next, you need to click on unblock at the end of the row of the sender where you want to reinstate.

Follow above method to block or unblock someone in Gmail account and get overcome this problem as soon as. I hope this article helpful for you.

How to Change Gmail Profile Picture?

This post helps your set up Gmail profile picture. After set up Gmail profile picture, it will used to identify your account in chat lists, contacts address books, Google+ account and show in emails which you send. If you are a Gmail user who don’t know method to reset or setup Gmail profile picture, this post can helpful for you where you can easily learn the complete method to change Gmail profile picture.

gmail profile picture

Process to setup Gmail profile picture:

  • First, you need log into your Gmail account.
  • You need to click on settings gear box in your Gmail dashboard.
  • You need to click on change picture option in the “my picture” option.
  • Click on upload a new picture.
  • Now select the part of your photo which you want to show as a profile picture.
  • Next, click to apply changes.
  • You Gmail account picture have changed.

Process Change Gmail Profile Picture in Android Phone

  • First you need to visit in your phone internet browser.
  • Next picture, tap edit> edit.
  • Next, you need to tap edit photo on your picture.
  • Click on upload a photo
  • Crop your photo and upload it successfully.

If you want to set up or change Gmail profile picture’s visibility, you can follow the process as given below:

  • First, you need to open Gmail account.
  • Next, click on settings from the top right corner.
  • Now in the “my picture” section, you need to select a visibility option.

There are two options are available:

  • Visible to everyone: In this option your profile picture can see by anyone who email and who you email.
  • Visible only to people can chat with: In this option only people you have given permission to chat with can see your profile picture when you will online.



How to Create Signature in Gmail?

Gmail allows a signature feature which is automatic include in email compose message. This feature help user to save time to type same information in each message of Gmail such as when you compose a message you need to type your name, post name, company name, website and logo of your company, phone number or any other information related to your business in the bottom of your Gmail message. If you send 100 messages in a day so you have to same information in each email message, when this condition is happen you can use Gmail signature feature which will automatically attach entered information in signature box.

add signature in gmail

There are lots of users who don’t about this feature or unable to create Gmail signature. If you are one of the users who wants to know about Gmail signature, this post can be helpful for you where you can learn complete method to create signature in Gmail. This is the simplest process; we will describe it step by step so follow it as given below:

Process to Add or Change a Signature in Gmail:

Before creating signature, remember that you can put up to 10, 000 characters in your signature box.

  • First, you need to Open Gmail.
  • Next, in the top right corner, click on settings and then click on settings.
  • Go to the “signature” section, add or type signature text in the box. You can format your message by adding a image or logo or changing the style of your signature text.
  • Next, you need to click on save changes button at from the bottom of page.
  • Add a signature if you are using “send mail as” feature.
  • If you want to create signature to send from different addresses in your account, send mail as feature help you to do this task where you can create different signature for each address.
  • You can use drop-down menu above the signature text box on the settings page.

If you don’t find the drop down menu, follow the steps as given below:

  • Open your mail accounts and go to import settings page.
  • Next, check that your addresses are listed in the “send mail as” section.

If extra characters are showing in your signature, don’t worry about it some versions of Gmail don’t support feature like bolding or italics.

You can remove extra characters from signature box for this task you need to remove any special formatting in your signature.

Unable to format Gmail signature:

If you are getting error to edit signature, you need to turn off plain text mode before editing your signature text which will show above the signature box.

Follow the process to uncheck plain text mode:

  • First, open your Gmail account
  • Click on compose
  • Next, in the bottom right, click on more options down arrow.
  • Finally uncheck the “plain text mode.”

Unable to see my signature in my sent messages

You need to go bottom of a message, click on show trimmed content to see your Gmail signature option.

Unable to add an image in Gmail Signature:

If you want to add image or logo in Gmail signature from Google drive, you need to share your image publicly for it to appear in your signature. You need to permission with your work or school account to show your image publicly from the administrator of school or college.

You need to search image such as company logo after that you will get the image URL.

You can add your own image to Google and use that URL

You can resolve all errors related to Gmail signature help of this post so follow each process step by step and fix Gmail signature error as suggested method.







How to Attach file in Gmail?

File attachment is one of the most important and useful features in any email service Provider Company. You can share document files, videos and photos through the Gmail attachment. If your file size large, you can use Google drive to share your file over the Internet.

If you are a user who don’t know the method to attach file in Gmail, this post can be helpful for you. We are sharing here complete process to attach file in Gmail message and complete this task successfully.

file attachment in Gmail

Follow the steps to attach in Gmail:

  • First, you need to open or log in to your Gmail account.
  • Click on compose option to create a new email
  • Next, click on Attachment clip symbol.
  • You need to choose the file, picture and image which you want to share. Upload it from your computer.
  • Next, click on open
  • Dragging and dropping option also available to attach image.

Remove Gmail Attachment Process

If you have attached wrong file, you can remove it by following simple steps. Just click on right of the attachment name and select remove option after that click on close.

Attachment file size should be 25 MB. If file size more than 25 MB or want to add more than one files. You can’t add it because gmail offer 25MB size.

But doesn’t worry you can user Google drive to attach file greater than 25 MB. Gmail is automatically adds a Google drive link in the email.

Gmail Attachments won’t upload

Sometimes, users are getting problem to upload file attachment so Gmail users should be remember some points which are responsible to pop up an error while attach a file in Gmail message.

  • First, you should be checking the compatibility of internet browser.
  • You should try to adding the attachment in another internet browser.
  • You should disable the proxy setup of a web browser.
  • Troubleshoot problems
  • If you are getting error message “attachment might be unavailable” that means your network problem. You should contact with your Internet service provider service center and get the complete assistance to remove network issue from their end. Sometimes, network server blocks that attachment file.
  • Every user should be remembering that Gmail doesn’t make you attach executable files to preventing from viruses. If you will try to attach executable file, you can’t attach it. it will show you a message “blocked for security reasons.”
  • You should check the file attachment size. If the size of file more the 25MB, you can’t attach it.
  • Check the file format compatibility with Gmail account. Some types of file are not supported by Gmail.
  • Next, you can check the Internet. May be your Internet is slowing down so check the speed of your Internet.










Message Receiving Failed in Gmail? Find Instant Solution Here

There are many possible reasons why Gmail is not receiving the emails. This post will covers some of the more common reasons for failure issue in Gmail.

  • Unfortunately sometime Gmail considered some of the emails as a spam by mistakenly. Now what you have to do, go to your spam folder and check if the message is stay over there just mark it as a “not spam” so that again Gmail will never put the similar message in your spam folder.
  • Make sure if you enabled the tab option in your Gmail account then quickly checks your message in other tabs such as: social, updates etc. Because the email tabs split your inbox into different sections and due to this reason your email is automatically shift in these sections. You have two solution regarding this problem:
  • First you can simply drag that message in your inbox.
  • Second one is, you can disable your email tab option so that your all messages are automatically receive in Gmail’s inbox.
  • The mail receiving problem also occurs due to browser’s issue. If you prefer un supported browser for Gmail account then surely you have to face the receiving problem in your Gmail. So here I suggest you to choose supported browser for your Gmail account. These supported browsers are: internet explorer, Google chrome, internet explorer, safari etc.
  • Have you checked your internet connectivity is it perfectly working? If no, then quickly contact to your network administrator or internet service provider and ask them to solve this issue as soon as possible so that you can easily receive your mail.
  • Sometime if recipient sends any message along with attachment, and if that attachment size is too large then definitely you didn’t receive that message.
  • It also happens with browser’s cookies and cache. So, immediately clear your browsers cookies and cache. If you are using your chrome browser then:
  • First open the chrome browser then click on more icon
  • After that press the more tool option and hit the clear browsing data
  • Under the clear browsing data box you have to check “cookies and other site data and cached images and file”
  • Now select the amount of data which you want to delete
  • Then press the clear browsing data option.

If still you face this receiving problem in Gmail then make a direct connection with most proficient and advanced technical experts, who solve your problem easily and quickly

How to Edit or Delete Contacts from Gmail Account?

It doesn’t matter which web mail services you are using for your daily activity. But matter take place where you didn’t know which web mail service is best for you. Because if you see around yourself you can numerous of web mails services such as: yahoo, outlook, hotmail, AOL and many more. In these web mail services have their limited functionality like: some have limited storage capacity, some of didn’t have any well advanced features and so on. But if I tell you there is one advanced web mail service who offers you plethora of features and services in one platform. Guess the name? Obviously it’s Gmail.

delete gmail contacts

There is no any other kind of mailing platform that compete with Gmail in terms of mailing and all other activities. In Gmail only you will found something extra as compare to any other web mail services. Such as:

  • In Gmail you can easily set a reminder and get notified when you need.
  • If you getting tired of any of the off topic, then you can simply mute the conversation.
  • If you are traveling and still want to touch with your family and friends then Gmail also offers this facility. Through Gmail you can perform the video conferencing feature
  • Here you can easily fix your schedule, appointment etc

This is the reason why people prefer only Gmail for their daily work activities and all. In Gmail user can easily add the contacts for easy to find them. But incase if you add some wrong contact then you can edit also.

Edit contacts in Gmail:

  • First you have to go Google contacts
  • Then just click on contact’s name now look top right side where you find the option of edit, just hit that option.
  • Now you can edit that information as per your choice and finally click on save button.

Similarly you can delete the contacts if you didn’t want to add. For this:

  • First you have to open your Gmail account, and then click on Gmail which is located at top left side in red color.
  • Then click on contact. After that you have to select the contact which you want to delete and finally click on delete option.

You can also communicate to technical experts for quick and instant solution if you found ant type of problem regarding Gmail.

Why Gmail Won’t Send Email? – Get help

Every web mail services have their own limited capacity to send and receive the mails. Similarly in Gmail have also certain limit in which user can send or receive the mails. If you are a regular user of Gmail then you can easily send 2000 emails for Google apps account and 500 for consumer Gmail account. But if the limit is exceed then surely you are not able to send the message and receive and error message like: you have reached a Gmail limit for sending limits or oops the system has encountered a problem.

And in some of the cases Gmail temporarily blocks you to send the messages so the one way to overcome of this problem is to wait until 24 hours so that you can get rid of this problem. If your email is bounced or receive an error message or message is not sent this all things indicated that you have reached the Gmail sending limit for the day. Now you have to wait until Gmail reset your email quota. Once your email quota is reset then again you are capable to send the mails.

Sometime it is also possible, if you sending too many emails to any email address which is not exist then definitely your message get bounce. Here you have to clean up your all mail list and also delete the invalid email address.

Mail sending issue is very common problem which is faced by user on a daily basis. If you found that the message was delayed so first of all check how you send the message like: mobile device, through web mail client etc. If you’re sent messages were delayed then immediately check the configuration and setting of Gmail account. Some other reasons are:

  • Internet issue: due to the problem of internet connectivity you have to face this kind of problem. So troubleshoot your internet issue or contact to internet provider.
  • Size issue: suppose the file or attachment you are going to send whose size is tool large that’s why this you are not able to send the messages to anyone.
  • Browser issue: web browser issue also fluctuates this type of problem. So before using your Gmail account kindly check in which browser you are going to use email. Because the Gmail support well internet explorer, Firefox, Google chrome etc.

By following the above points you can easily solve your problem. But again if you suffer with any technical glitches then make a direct connection with technicians.

What are the Reasons and Solution to Change Gmail Account Password?

Whenever we talk about safety, security of mail the only thing is come in our mind is password.  The password is proof or authentication which indicated that your Gmail account is safe and secure. But if the password is not secure then surely your account is not safe and someone easily hacked your account. If you are serious about your Gmail account and want to make it secure as well then definitely you should know why you have to change your Gmail account.

change gmail password

  • When any user consider 8 characters or fewer than this, might be the chances of account hijacked. But if the people prefer more than 8 characters long then it verify that your password is more secure.
  • If you prefer simple characters or number then there is possibility of account theft, here requires starting your password with some special characters.
  • Mostly user prefers one password for multiples of account or social sites which make you in trouble. Because hackers easily hack your all mail account as social account as well.
  • I know mostly users forget their password, it better to choose the password which is related to your date of birth, anniversary and so on.
  • If you share your password with your friends and colleagues then might be they read your some personal email without your knowledge. That’s why here is required to change your password immediately.
  • May be some of the users are not aware that, the weak password can allows the virus to gain access to your computer and spread all over mail. So that you have to choose strong password which keeps you away from this error.

If you think that someone access your Gmail account on your behalf or hacker will hack your account then immediately change your Gmail password. Just go with the steps which I mention below and solve your problem.

  • Open the browser in which you want to open your Gmail like: chrome, Firefox, safari etc. now type the
  • Once the Gmail window will appear, click on sign in button and enter your email address and password.
  • Now you entered in your Gmail account. After that point out the cursor on setting icon which is located at top right side and click on that.
  • Here you will find the option of setting when you scroll, just click on that setting.
  • After that one new window will appear with lots of options. But you have to go with “account and import” option. Click on that.
  • Here you will find the option of “change account setting” and click on change password.

Now it’s done! For further any kind of help and query just contact to technical experts.

How to Sign In to Multiple Gmail Accounts At the Same Time Android Phone?

The Google’s emailing platform called Gmail is one of the powerful and capable email client through which user can easily maintain the communication with each other. In Gmail process there is no any kind of communication barriers. You can simply make a direct connection with your loved once across the globe. The Gmail is not merely for only sending and receiving the mails but instead of this people can do lots of activities with this giant mailing platform. Basically Gmail is known for their unbelievable features which are harder to find in any other web mail services. Such as:

gmail help

  • Suppose by mistakenly your all data and backup getting lost due to some circumstances, but here in Gmail you can easily take the data backup without any issue.
  • By the help of Gmail you can easily delete your all web history so that no one can view this without your knowledge.
  • In Gmail you can create multiples of account and handle it in a convenient way.
  • If you do not access the internet for some reasons, in this case you can easily set your vacation responder which tells your recipients right now you are not here.

If any of the Gmail user have multiple account in Gmail, will gives a better productivity. Because user can use one account for personal reason and another account for professional reason. If we add Gmail with any of the android phone which facilitates enormous of features. But the question is how user can add multiples of Gmail account with android? Because this is not spoon feeding task, it requires some of the skills and sometime users have lack of skills that’s why they are not able to manage multiples of account with android. But nothing is impossible; you can simply solve this issue by just following the points which I mention below.

  • First in your home screen, just click on Gmail icon.
  • Then you have to click on menu button which is located at top left side.
  • After that click on your current account to show a small menu.
  • Now click on add account option and Google to add another Gmail account.
  • After that it will ask, want to add an existing account or create a new account. Choose existing or new.
  • Now enter the email address and password and follow the instruction which is given over there.

If it is created then your Gmail account is linked with your android phone.


How to Avoid and Report Phishing Email in your Gmail Account?

If someone try trick to steal or sharing your personal information online that’s condition called phishing attack. This trick is done through the email, ads or sites which are look like your similar sites which you are using such as someone can send you an email for phishing attack that will like come from your bank so you can give them your bank account information.

If phishing attack on your Gmail account, it can be asked follow details as given below:

Usename and passwords, security numbers of social sites, bank account details, PIN number, credit or debit care number, your mother’s name, your birthday etc. if you are getting this kind of email messages, immediatlely report phishing emails.

If you feel that email may be phishing, Gmail is showing a warning or move your emails to spam box, now follow the steps as given below to mark or unmark phishing email.

  • First open your computer, open Gmail account
  • Open that message.
  • Next reply, reply and click on the down arrow > down arrow.
  • Click on report phishing.

If email was incorrectly marked as phishing, follow steps as given below:

  •  Open your Gmail account in your computer.
  • Open that particular email message
  • Next go to Reply> Reply, click the Down arrow> Down Arrow.
  • Click on the option Report not phishing

What is the process to Avoid Phising Attacks?

You should always careful anytime you will get an email from a site which asking for personal information. If you are receiving this kind of email follow the steps as given below:

You should avoid this kind of email, don’t click any links and not provide any personal information until you sure that email is real.

If that sender has Gmail email address, you can report that email abuse to Google.

If you feel that an email looks like suspicirous, you should always check a few things as given below:

  • You should check that the email address and the sender email address is matched.
  • Must check that email is authenticated or not.
  • Must hover over links before clikc on it. If the url is not match as the description of link as given, may be it will phishing sites.
  • Must check the message headers to make sure the “from” header is not showing an incorrect name.

If you will careful and take care all of points and given above, you can keep away from phishing attack on your Gmail address.