How to Compose or Create Email Message in Gmail Account?


Gmail has millions of users where some are non technical or new users who don’t know about any feature Gmail account even they don’t know to create email message in Gmail or compose email message in Gmail. If you are one of the users, this post can be helpful for you where you can get complete assistance to get the method to compose email in Gmail. Actually this is very simple process; users need to follow some steps after that they can do this task successfully.

Process to Compose Message in Gmail step by step:

  • Firstly, users need to login or sign in their Gmail account.
  • Gmail dashboard will be open where many options will appear to you don’t be confuse for compose email message, just click on compose button which is given left side bar.
  • New message box will open right side. In this box “To”, “Cc”, “Bcc” and subject option will show upper side of box.                                                                                                        Note: if you want send emails message on one email address, you can enter that email in “To”. If you want to send same message copy to more than one recipient, you can use “Cc” or “Bcc”.
  • Formatting, attach file, inserts file google drive, insert photo, insert link and insert emoji symbol options are available bottom of message box. You can use as your need.

Let’s start create email message in Gmail:

  • After click on compose button, message box will open.
  • Enter the recipients email address in To, Cc and Bcc field.
  • Type your message subject line in subject field.
  • Type the message in message area
  • Attach file, picture and emoji symbol in you Gmail message.
  • Finally click on Send button.

I hope this article helpful to you to compose a new Gmail message.


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