How do I Create an Auto Responder in Gmail?


Today, Email has one of the essential parts of our daily life because it is the very fast approach to communication. You can use it for the general or official purpose. If you are using Gmail for business to connect with clients or employees, Gmail is really important to you.  If you are suddenly planning to go on vacation and there haven’t an internet connection, it can be more difficult because it is most important to get in touch with your customers or clients. Gmail has a solution to this problem which is vacation responder option where users can set an automatic reply option help this clients or employees will understand that you are outside of your office.

How to turn on vacation responder in Gmail?

  • Sign into Gmail account.
  • Click on gear icon from the top right corner.
  • Next, choose a setting option.
  • In general, tabs go to the vacation responder section.
  • Type the subject, date range, and message.
  • You can choose the person who can see your vacation response.
  • If you don’t want everyone can know that you are outside, check the box next to only send a response to people in my contacts.
  • Click on save changes button at the bottom of the page.

How turn on vacation responder in Gmail for Android phone?

  • Open Gmail App on your android phone
  • Touch on Gmail icon
  • Choose settings from the menu.
  • The select account which you want to use
  • Touch on vacation responder option.
  • Fill all fields like subjects, date range and message.
  • Next, switch Off to ON at the top.
  • Finally, touch the done option.

How turn on vacation responder in Gmail for IOS?

  • First, open Gmail app on iOS
  • Touch on the Menu
  • Next touch on the gear icon
  • You need to change the property of vacation responder from OFF to ON.
  • Select the start as well as end dates.
  • Fill the subject and message field.
  • Finally, touch on save option.

We have defined above complete process to turn on vacation responder to and get the solution if you are out of the station.


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