How to Enable Gmail Offline in Chrome Browser?


Gmail offline feature is really helpful for users. It is search through, read, delete, and label and responds to email message without any internet connection. If user in difficult situation where internet is not working such as users are on a plane, camping or out away from mobile phone service. As soon as computer connect to a network, any emails queued up to send and new emails will be downloaded or changed which was requested when user were offline. But there are lots of Gmail users who don’t know about this Gmail offline feature. If you are one of the users, this post can be helpful for you where you will get complete method to enable Gmail offline.

How to install Gmail Offline

  • Enable Gmail offline is very simple process but users must remember that this feature only available through the Google Chrome web browser which works with windows, MAC , Linux and chromebooks.
  • First you need to install Google offline extension for Google Chrome browser.
  • After installing App, go to the extension page and click on VISIT WEBSITE link.
  • New window will be open, authorize the extension to access your mail by choose allow offline mail radio button.
  • Next, click on continue button to open Gmail in offline mode.
  • Gmail offline mode is appearing in different way but functions work same as regular Gmail.
  • You need to go chrome://apps/ URL to open Gmail when you are offline where you need to choose Gmail option.

How to uninstall Gmail Offline?

If users don’t need to Gmail offline feature, they can uninstall it easiest way. There are lots of people who install Gmail offline but unable to uninstall Gmail offline data. Follow here complete procedure to do disable Gmail offline.

Process to Remove Gmail Offline Data

  • First you need to open Google chrome on your computer.
  • At the top right corner, click More> More and the Settings.
  • Click advanced at the bottom of page.
  • Next, click on content settings under “privacy and security” option.
  • you need to click cookies.
  • after that Click on remove all option under the “All cookies and site data”.
  • Click on Clear all option.

How to Delete Gmail Offline Process?

  • First you need to Visit chrome: //apps.
  • Next, right click on Gmail Offline.
  • Finally click on remove from Chrome


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