How to get back Google contacts which are disappeared?


Email contacts are most important aspect for any user of Gmail or any other email account. This is the address where users get and send information over the internet. Contact list is common feature in every email service provider where all contacts store and users can manage all these contacts in their way such as add, edit and delete contacts from the list.

Sometimes, users are in trouble because they delete some contacts by mistake or Gmail contacts disappeared or vanished from Gmail account. Gmail offers solutions where users can easily recover or get back all disappeared contacts.

There are lots of Gmail users who are getting problem to restore deleted contacts of Gmail. they are searching solution to overcome contacts disappearing problem. If user start deleting contacts and make a mistake that’s not means that information has lost forever. Instead users can retrieve with the restore feature which is given in Google contacts menu.

In this Article you will get complete method to get back or restore all Google contacts disappearing from the list.

Follow the steps as given below to restore deleted Google contacts:

  • First of all, you need to open the new Google contacts website on your internet browser.
  • Next, in the menu on the left corner, click on more and choose restore contacts.
  • Finally, you need to choose the appropriate time frame to include the deleted contacts
  • click on the restore option.

Now, your all deleted, merged and edited contacts will be automatically restore in the time frame which you have chosen.


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