Gmail Not Working- Problems and Resolution.


Gmail Account not Working Properly

My Gmail account stopped workingthis is the most common problem of Gmail users. Millions of users are using Gmail account and each one have different problem to use features of Gmail account. There are lots of issues are coming under Gmail not working errors some are given below:

Gmail password not working: password is one of the most important factors to log into Gmail. It keeps your account secure from unknown users. Gmail password can be a big issue to use Gmail account smoothly if you forgot password or password hacked by someone. Online Gmail password recovery method is available to get your forgotten password; any Gmail user can resolve this by them. If password hacked, users should immediately change password of their account.

Gmail message sending/ receiving failed: if this error occurred there are lots of reasons behind this error, users should find an exact method to fix this problem.

Gmail attachment not working, Gmail attachment not uploading and downloading, Gmail login not working, Gmail signup issue etc. users can get all these problem solution at Gmail customer support helpline.

gmail not working

Fix Gmail Slow down Error as methods given below:

First, check the storage space of your device.

There are many free Apps available in Google play store which can easily download and installed in phone device where some apps are not useful for users. Users should permanently remove these kinds of Apps and mange your phone device space to run other application. If your phone is full all these application, it will slow down to open particular application like Gmail.

You should keep free space on your phone to run Gmail App proper way. If user phone space full, Gmail app can’t access to load or download email messages and attachments because Gmail App need to some memory to work in correct manner.

To remove useless Apps you need to go settings and scroll list of installed apps. Click on Apps which you want remove, next right click application and uninstalled it.

Check the Internet connection

If Internet connection is not working proper way or poor signal, this would a reason to or Gmail app not open properly or Gmail slow down. If Internet issue, it shows that there is no connection.  Every user should ensure that internet connectivity on your phone and desktop.

Gmail Account Security

Correct username and password are the most important part to login to Gmail account without it users can’t access their email account. If your account has hacked, you can’t login into Gmail because username and password has stolen or losing the entire control of your Email account.

To avoid this situation user should complete the 2 step verification to provide extra security for Gmail account. No one can access Gmail users account without permission.

Two steps verification is helpful to keep control your Gmail account and keep away hackers.

Keep updated version of Gmail App

Some advance Gmail App features are not worked in old version of Google play store in you android phone. Users should keep update the latest version of Google play store.

Always Turn on Gmail Notifications

If Gmail notification turns off, you are unable to received Gmail notification on your App or browser. Users always turn on Gmail notification to get Gmail notification messages.

Internet browsers

Gmail is support all types of browsers like IE, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla and Microsoft edge. Gmail users should use updated version of browser.

Extensions and Applications of Browser

Due to install some applications or extensions in your browser Gmail can stop working that’s why users should turn off all these applications and extensions and then try to access Gmail.

Clear Cache and Cookies

Users should remove all the cache and cookies from the internet browser then try to use Gmail account; sometimes these cookies generate errors to access Gmail account.

Gmail Labs

If Gmail labs are on, it can be the reason to unable access the Gmail email account.  Users should immediately off Gmail labs one by one.




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