Gmail Not Working- Problems and Resolution.

  • Errors are occurred to sync Gmail account with other.
  • Unable to get notified of new emails.
  • Email sending and receiving fail
  • New emails are not updated in Inbox.

In this post we will discuss all the most common causes and solution to fix the errors are encountered with Gmail email account so fix all the issue of Gmail not working as listed below:

First, check the storage space of your device.

There are many free apps are available in Google play store which can be download easily and try them that’s the reason many apps are installed on your phone device and leave the little space in which is responsible creating the issue to use Gmail account proper way.

Google app need to be some free space on your phone to work properly. Gmail app can’t access to load new emails or download attachment on email if free space not available for storing file or data. It is needs to some memory for the app to be work and loaded into your device.

For more space on your phone device, go to settings and scroll the list of installed apps, click on that one you don’t need, next right click and uninstalled it. After uninstalling you will get the space in your device and Gmail would work successfully.

gmail slow down

Check the Internet connection

You will unable to access Gmail account if the internet is not connected proper way, poor signal so you would get error can’t upload Gmail account properly or Gmail is slow. If you are using Gmail app on a smartphone so you must refresh Gmail. It shows that there is no connection and you should retry.

If you are a desktop user so there is no way to access Gmail account if internet connection is not working so users should always ensure that the internet is properly connected.

Gmail Account should be Secure

Correct username and password are the most important to login into Gmail account without this users can’t access their email account. if your account has been hacked so you can’t login into Gmail account because you have lost your login username or password detail or losing the entire control of your Email account.

To avoid this situation users should complete the 2 step verification offered by Gmail where users can set up a question such as “what is the first teacher name” then set up an answer for it. Users also need to provide the mobile phone number.

There two steps verification is helpful to keep control your Gmail account and keep away hackers.  If you have lost Gmail login so you can access your account by answer the question as assigned, phone number first option if you want to recover your Gmail account.

Users will get a code from Google which is 6 digit number on their phone number which should enter to verified Gmail account and the users can easily access the Gmail account.

Keep updated version of Gmail App

If you are using Google play store in mobile so must keep updated the latest version. If you use updated version of Gmail app so you can normally access Gmail account and all the services of Gmail.

gmail account not working

Always Turn on Gmail Notifications

You would not be notified when new emails are received on your Gmail account if Gmail notification is off on your app or browser. Users can easily resolve this issue by turning on Gmail notification.

Internet browsers

All browsers are supported by Gmail such as IE, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla and Microsoft edge. It most important that users turn on cookies and JavaScript for the smooth work with Gmail account.

Extensions and Applications of Browser

Due to install some applications or extensions in your browser Gmail can stop working so users should turn off all these applications and extensions and then try to access Gmail.

Clear Cache and Cookies

Users should remove all the cache and cookies from the internet browser then try to use Gmail account, sometimes these cookies generate errors to access Gmail account.

Gmail Labs

If Gmail labs are on so it can be the reason to unable access the Gmail email account so users should off the Gmail labs one by one.

Sometimes, users are unable to overcome this problem so they should prefer Gmail support help.



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  1. The emails are not opening just a spinning circle, I am an IT professor and have done everything you could search for online for help. I guess there is not fix for this?

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