Gmail Two Step Verification Process Step by Step


Gmail users should keep their account secure from hackers help of security method suggested by Google. For login to Gmail account, users need to username and password. Gmail password is one of the security aspects to keep email account secure. Gmail users should create a secure password of their Gmail account. If password is easy to guess, anyone can access account and steal all information like bank details. Always keep strong security of your Gmail account where no one can access your Gmail account.

There are some common reasons could put your account in risk and password stolen:

  • Gmail password has used in many websites
  • Software downloads from the Internet
  • Click on spam messages in email messages.

2-Step verification helps to keep away bad users, even they know your account password. If hackers steal Gmail account password, they could open your account and do such activities delete your emails, contacts, photo and important document, send harmful emails to your clients or friends to make your image down etc.

Every Gmail users should apply 2 step verification securities on their mail account. We are sharing here complete guideline to of two step verification on Gmail.

Gmail Two Step Verification Process Step by Step:

  • Visit my account page of Google”
  • If you are not signed into Gmail account, sign in your account help of email address and password.
  • click on
  • Scroll down mouse and click on 2-step verification. This option is available on the right side of the page in the “password & sign-in method” section.
  • Next, “turn on or Off” 2 step verification. If already “on” is showing that means 2 step verification already set up.
  • Next, click on GET STARTED option which is available in the bottom right corner of the page.
  • Enter Gmail account password.
  • If entered wrong email address, login into different Gmail account.
  • Next, enter your mobile number in the text field below the “what phone number which you want to use?” heading.
  • click on code options  “text message” and “voice phone call” choose one of them as suitable to you.
  • Click on “next” button as given on screen. Google send you a code according to selected method.
  • Retrieving code from Google through phone call or message and that code would be 5 digit numbers.
  • Next, type that code in text field which will show on the screen.
  • Click on next which will show you bottom right corner of the page.
  • Now you need to click on “TURN ON” button which will show you at the top of the page. It is option to enable your two-step verification for your Gmail account.

After applying 2 step verification, no one can access user Gmail account. if someone try to login he/she has to enter verification code which will receive on user mobile phone.

There are different alternative options are available for second step of 2 step verification method. We will discuss all options in our coming posts.


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