How to Attach file in Gmail?


File attachment is a useful feature in Gmail where users can share document, videos and images through the email. There are lots of Gmail users who don’t know method to attach file in Gmail and getting problem.

This post can be helpful for those users who don’t have idea to file attach in Gmail message. Users get method to attach doc file, images and video in this post.

Gmail File Attachment Process Step by Step

  • Open or log in to Gmail account.
  • Click on compose button to create a new email.
  • Next, click on Attachment clip symbol.
  • Choose file, picture and image which you want to share.
  • Upload attachment file from your computer.
  • Next, click on open
  • Dragging and dropping option also available to attach image.
  • Your file has attached.

Process to Remove Gmail Attachment:

If Gmail user attached wrong file in message, Gmail offers facility to remove it. User needs to right click on the attachment and select remove option after that click on close button.

Every user should take care of file attachment size. Attachment size must be 25MB. If your file size is more than 25MB, Google drive option will add automatically in Gmail message.

Gmail Attachments won’t upload

  • “Unable to attach file in Gmail” this is the most common problem with Gmail users. There are lots of reasons to users get error to upload Gmail attachment. Every user should take care all given points to attach file Gmail message.
  • User should check browser compatibility of Gmail account.
  • If file not attach in browser which you are using, user should try to upload file in another browser.
  • User should disable the proxy setup of a web browser.
  • If user is getting error message “attachment might be unavailable”, this is network problem. User should contact to Internet service provider and get the complete assistance to fix network problem as soon as. Sometimes network server blocks some kinds of file attachment format.
  • Executable files do not attach in gmail because of preventing email address from viruses. If any user tries to attach executable file, he/she can’t attach it. It will show a message “blocked for security reasons.”
  • Gmail allows attaching 25MB size file. If file size more than 25MB, user can’t attach it.
  • Some file formats are not supported by Gmail. Users should check the file format compatibility.
  • If Internet is slowing, user can’t attach file. user should check speed of Internet.

Video to attach file in Gmail email message


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