(+1 209 790 3399) How to Avoid and Report Phishing Email in your Gmail Account?


Phishing attack is a situation where someone tries to steal or share other users email account personal information over the internet. Phishing attacker tries different kind of tricks to hack and inject virus in user computer such as sending spam emails, ads or sites link which looks similar to user’s sites. We will clear this situation through an example: if someone tries to steal your bank details, he/she can send you an email which will look like bank email and ask users their bank account information.

In this post we will talk about phishing attack on Gmail account.

What kinds of information can ask by hackers is listed below:

Username and passwords, security numbers of social sites, bank account details, PIN number, credit or debit card number, your mother’s name, your birthday etc.

If any Gmail user gets this kind of email messages, they should immediately report phishing emails.

If you want Google show warning to receive phishing emails in your Gmail account and move to spam box, follow the method to mark or unmark phishing Gmail messages as given blow:

  • Open your Gmail account.
  • Open spam message which you want mark.
  • Next reply, reply and click on the down arrow > down arrow.
  • Click on report phishing.

Process to unmarked incorrectly marked as phishing

  • Open your Gmail account
  • Open message which you want to unmark.
  • Next go to Reply> Reply, click the Down arrow> Down Arrow.
  • Click on the option “Report not phishing”

What is the process to Avoid Phishing Attacks?

Any Gmail user can get phishing or spam email on his/her Gmail id that’s why every user should ready to avoid phishing attack situation.  Follow the tips to avoid phishing attack on your mail account as given blow:

  • Gmail users shouldn’t click on spam messages and don’t share your personal information until sure about email is not fake.
  • If you feel that email is tried to steal your information, you should immediately report that email abuse to Google.

How to know Gmail message is Suspicious or not?

  • Check that email address is matching with sender email address.
  • Must check that email is authenticated or not.
  • Must hover over links before click on it. If the URL does not match as description of links, it may chances of phishing site email.
  • Must check the message headers to make sure that “from” header is not showing an incorrect name.

If your Gmail has hacked, you should recover Gmail account immediately.


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