How to Create, Edit and Delete Contact Group in Gmail?


Contact list is keep growing in your Gmail account. This is difficult to manage or search particular contact in long list of contacts. Gmail contact group help users to keep maintain their contacts in proper way where they can divide all these contacts in different group.

A contact group Player basically a distribution list where users can send an email to multiple connected people in a group. Users can divide their contacts in a different group such a project team, a committee and group of friends. Gmail users can send single message at once to connected people in this group.

You can Create contact group in Gmail which make easy to manage your contacts. This post will helpful for Gmail users to learn the complete method to create contact groups in Gmail also learn method to add, remove, edit  contacts of group. If you want to delete a group, follow process as given.

Process to Create a Group in Gmail Account:

  • Open your Gmail account.
  • Next, go to Google contacts.
  • On the left side under the “labels,” you need click on create label. If you don’t see labels option, you can go group contacts in old contacts.
  • Type the Group name, click on OK button.

Method to Add contacts to a Group Label:

  • Select the contacts by click on check boxes next to their names.
  • Click on Label tag from the top right corner.
  • Next, you need to choose the groups where you want to add the contacts. There is check-mark option appear next to the group which you choose.

How to Email Message in a Group?

  • First, Login to Gmail.
  • Click on compose from top left
  • Next, type the Group name in the “To” field after that select the group from the list.
  • Now you will see list of all contacts in the “To” field.

 Process to Remove Contacts from a Group

  • After open your Gmail account
  • Go to Google Contacts
  • From the left side, Click on Group name where you want deletes contact
  • Next, select the contacts to remove by selecting the check box.
  • Next, click on label tag from the top right of Gmail dashboard

Process to Edit or Delete a Group

  • First, Go to Google contacts.
  • Under “Labels,” point to the group which you want to rename
  • Rename group name and click on save.
  • For delete a group follows all the instructions given on screen.


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