How to Create Signature in Gmail?


Gmail allows a signature feature which will automatic include in compose message. It help Gmail users to save time to type same information in each message for example: user create a message and want to show company details like company name, address, email address, phone number, website etc.  All details will automatic attach in the bottom of new Gmail message. If users send hundreds of Gmail messages from their mail account, they don’t need to type signature company details, details will automatically show bottom of message.

Users need to enter all details in Gmail signature box, all information automatically attach bottom of Gmail message.

There are lots of users who don’t know method to create Gmail signature and unable to create Gmail signature. If you are getting problem to use Gmail signature, this post can be helpful for you.

Process to Add or Change Gmail Signature:

Must be remember Gmail users can put up to 10, 000 characters in signature box.

  • Open or Login into Gmail.
  • In the top right corner, click on settings.
  • Go to the “Signature” section, add or type signature text in the box. You can format your message by adding an image or logo or change the style of your signature text.
  • Click on save changes button at the bottom of page.
  • If you are using “send mail as” feature, Add signature.
  • if you want to attach different signature for specific email address, you can use “send mail as” feature in Gmail.
  • You can use drop-down menu above the signature text box on the settings page.

If you don’t find the drop down menu, follow the steps as given below:

  • Open your mail accounts and go to import settings page.
  • Next, check that your addresses are listed in the “send mail as” section.

If extra characters are showing in your signature, don’t worry about it some versions of Gmail don’t support feature like bolding or italics.

You want to remove extra characters from signature box; you need to remove any special formatting in your signature.

Unable to format Gmail signature:

If you are getting error to edit signature, turn off plain text mode.  Signature edit text box will show above the signature box.

Follow the process to uncheck plain text mode:

  • First, open your Gmail account
  • Click on compose
  • Next, in the bottom right, click on more options down arrow.
  • Unchecked  “plain text mode.”

Unable to see my signature in my sent messages

You need to go bottom of a message, click on show trimmed content to see your Gmail signature option.

Unable to add an image in Gmail Signature:

If you want to add image or logo in Gmail signature from Google drive, you need to share your image publicly for it to appear in your signature. You need to permission with your work or school account to show your image publicly from the administrator of school or college.

Search image like company logo. you can user company url.

Add your own image to Google and use that URL.


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