I-833-4I0-5666 How to Edit or Delete Contacts from Gmail Account?


Gmail is easy to use that is one of the best things of Gmail. If you are a Gmail account user, you can easily access all Google services such as Google+, YouTube and Picasa. Gmail contacts are one of the most important features where user can be add and connect people on his Google+ and YouTube Account.

If Gmail users manage account in proper way, they can get lots of benefit of Gmail contact list some are listed below:

    • Gmail automatically adds people in contact list who are frequently searched by users. Gmail users can manage and add those people to their main contact list.
    • Users can easily add all people of contacts list in their Google+ circle.
    • Some people choose not to share their email address on Google+.
    • Duplicate contacts are automatically cleaned in Gmail also user search contact and remove it.
    • If Gmail user wants to keep separate business or personal contacts, create a group in Gmail or create a separate contact list.
    • user can easily import, export or print contact list.
    • If user has delete important contacts from list, there is restore contacts option available to get back all contacts in Gmail account.

Process to Create, Edit and Delete Contact List:

How to Create Contact List Gmail?

  • If you are not login Gmail, first sign into Gmail account.
  • Next, click on Gmail, this option top left side of the page, above the compose button.
  • Next, click on contacts https://contacts.google.com page will open.
  • If you don’t have list, then click on “create label” option.
  • Enter the name of contact list.
  • All contacts will be show, click on contact profile picture select list where you want save or you can click on “+” sign to save new contact in list.

Edit Gmail Contact List:

  • First you need to go Google contacts
  • Click on contact’s name now look top right side where you find the option of edit, just hit that option.
  • Now you can edit that information as per your choice and finally click on save button.

Delete Gmail Contact List:

  • Open your Gmail account after that click on Gmail from the top left side in red colour.
  • Then click on contact. After that you have to select the contact which you want to delete and finally click on delete option.

Follow above method and manage your Gmail contacts list perfect way.

Video to Add and Delete Contact from Gmail


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