How to Filter Emails in Gmail by Sender ?


Filter helps to organise Gmail inbox in perfect way. If messages going to out of control in Gmail, filter help to manage all messages. Gmail filter help users to find particular email message in thousand of emails stored in Gmail account. Users can easily create filter in their Gmail account. In this post we will talk about it.

Users can easily filter emails by sender, subjects, group, and   message contents. Gmail users can apply some actions on filters for adding tags or mark message as read or unread. they can redirect emails from specific folder like friend and family folder. If users have applied filter, emails will automatically save into folder.

There are lots of users who don’t know method to create filter in Gmail. Get here method to create a filter in Gmail. Users can create filter in different ways.

Process to Create a Filter in Gmail to blocking someone Email:

Gmail users can block particular email address messages. In this process users can block and remove past and coming messages in their Gmail account.  Follow the steps to apply filter on particular email address in Gmail account.

  • Choose an email which you want to block messages from. There are two ways to apply this filter: first is the very quickest process where you need to open a message of that sender which you want to block. Next, click on “More button” and select “filter messages like these” option
  • In second method, click on gear icon, now select the settings after that click on filters tab> click on “create new filter” link at the bottom of the page> enter the email address which you want to block in the “from” field.
  • If you want add any additional information to blocking from this specific email address, you can choose a filter by recipients, subject line, keywords, attachment size and more after customizing process you can click on “create filter with this search”.
  • Next, choose what activity you want apply with that emails like select “delete it” box to delete mail received from filtered email address.
  • If you want to delete past messages of that email, there is option available “Also apply filter to matching conversations” check box. Any message which has received meet your filter criteria will be deleted.
  • Click on “create filter” option. Blocking filter has created. Future messages will automatically delete related to that email.

Process to Create filter to Apply Sort and Labels

If you want to create a filter to sort messages of particular email and want to apply labels for that emails. Filters help users to apply sort and transfer all email messages in label. Follow process to create filter to sort Gmail emails.

  • Click on gear icon, select settings> click the filter tab> click “create new filter” link at the bottom of the page.
  • Enter criteria of filter. There are different ways to filter your incomings messages. Choose as your requirement.
  • If you want to filter emails of online product selling website into one label, you can enter the emails address of that site into “from” or you can type the name of product selling company name in “has the word” field.
  • For attached file message from that email, you need to check the “Has attachment” checkbox.
  • Apply filter to for subject line; you can choose and enter subject line in “subject field”
  • After applying all criteria for your filter, you can create a label for them.
  • Next, check on “apply the label” box and click on drop down menu to go next option.
  • Select “new label” > create the label which you want apply for your filtered emails> choose the label as appear nested under an existing list of label of organisation.
  • Next, choose option to marked messages as read. If you don’t want your messages will be show as bold font which hasn’t read yet, you can select “Mark as read” box to enable this.
  • Now click on “create filter” option. Your new label filter has been created. You can see this new label on the left side of the Gmail page. Any messages which will receive as filtered created automatically show in this label.

Method to Create a Filter to Automatically Forward Email Messages in Other Email address

  • Click on gear icon in the upper right corner> click on settings > click the “forwarding and POP/ IMAP” tab.
  • Click on the Add a forwarding address button> enter the email address where you want forward your email messages. You will get a verification link in that emails address, click on it and verify that email.
  • Next, click on Gear icon > select settings> click the filters tab> click on “create new filter” link at the bottom of the page.
  • Choose emails which you want auto-forwarded. Now you can specify addresses, subject, keywords and more.
  • Click on “create filter with this search” after finish this process you can settings your criteria.
  • Select  “forward it”, and select your forwarding address from the drop down menu.
  • All the messages which match with these criteria will be sent to email which you setup.
  • You can delete messages from your Gmail account after forwarded, click on the “Delete it” box.
  • Click on “create filter” option.

There many other option to create filter in Gmail, learn all about on Gmail support online page.


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