How to Sign In or Log In to Gmail Account?


If you are a new user of Gmail account who don’t know procedure to login into Gmail account, this post can helpful for you. We are sharing here a complete method to login to Gmail account on computer, Android phone, iPhone or iPad. every step is described clearly.

Important: Before login to Gmail user should have Login username and password which would get at the time of Gmail signup/registration.

Process to Login Gmail on PC step by step:

gmail login

  • First enter or in browser.
  • Click on Login button right side upper corner.
  • next, you need to enter email address or username, click on next button.
  • Enter password of your Gmail account.
  • Note: sometimes gmail not working because of password, users should recover gmail password and login with new password. 2- step verification is perfect method to keep secure your Gmail account. always take care to keep away your account from hackers.
  • Now you have successfully logged in to your Gmail account

Sign into Gmail on Android Phone:

If you want to use Gmail on android phone, you have to add Gmail account with Gmail app.

  • First open Gmail app.
  • Tap menu from the top left corner.
  • Next, tap down arrow to the right of username.
  • Tap add account option.
  • Next choose type of account you want to add.
  • Follow all the steps on the screen to add your email account.
    After adding your email account, user is able to signed into Gmail account any time.

Sign In Gmail on iPhone and iPad

It is compulsory to install Google App in your phone device iPhone or iPad to use Gmail account.

  • Open the Gmail App Gmail.
  • Next, Tap Menu from the top left.
  • Tap your mail account address.
  • Tap manage accounts, add account.
  • Enter your Gmail username and password.
  • After adding your account, you can signed into your Gmail anytime.

for any kind of help contact to Gmail customer service helpline.






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