I-833-4I0-5666 How to Import or Transfer Contacts List in Gmail Account from Gmail or Other Mail Account?


Gmail is a complete email package of useful features. Every Gmail feature is helpful to manage mail account perfect way. Import contacts are one of the features of Gmail where users can transfer contacts of old Gmail account to new and another email accounts like yahoo, outlook, MSN to Gmail.

There are lot’s of Gmail users who don’t know method to transfer gmail contacts to another gmail account and import contacts yahoo mail to Gmail account. If you are one of the users who don’t know process to import contacts from Gmail, this post can helpful for you where you will get complete procedure to do this process successfully.

Import Contact Yahoo to Gmail Account Step by Step:

  • Type https://contacts.google.com/ in internet browser.
  • Click on more option from left side.
  • Click on import
  • Choose an account which you want to import such as Yahoo, Outlook, AOL and other mail account.
  • Click on “I Agree let’s go link”
  • Page will redirected to user yahoo mail account, login to yahoo mail account.
  • Click on “I Agree option”.

Now your yahoo, Outlook or AOL mail account contacts will migrate to Gmail account. All Yahoo contacts will appear in Gmail account.

Method to Import Contacts from Gmail account to another Gmail step by step in CSV file format:

Step 1: Export the contacts file from old Gmail account

  • First, you need to go old version of Gmail account. For old version you can click on https://www.google.com/contacts/u/0/?cplus=0#contacts link
  • Click on more, choose export option
  • Select contacts which you want to export.
  • In “My contacts” are contacts list which you have created
  • In “All contacts” are list of contacts which you created and other contacts you have emailed.
  • Next, select the Google CSV file format to save these contacts.
  • Now, click on export option.
  • Click on your profile photo, choose sign out option.

Step 2: Import contacts file in your Gmail account.

  • First, you need to go old version or Gmail or you can choose settings of Gmail account.
  • Click on more > click on Import option.
  • Next, choose file which you have saved csv format
  • Now click on choose file option
  • Select your contacts file of CSV format
  • Click on Import option

If you are using new version, you can go settings and select “Accounts and import option”. Click on “Import mail and contacts” and login email address which contacts you want to transfer in your Gmail account.

sometimes, users face problem to import emails to Gmail or other mail so users should find quick solution.

Import Contacts Old Gmail to New Gmail Account- Video Tutorial 2017



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