How to Merge Duplicate Contacts in Gmail Account?


Sometimes, Gmail users save one contact more than one time by mistake. There is the option to combine this duplicate contact. Users can’t merge contacts that are saved in different Gmail accounts. There are lots of Gmail users who don’t know the method to do this task successfully and they need to help to where they can learn the complete method to merge duplicate contacts in Gmail account.

Method to merge duplicate contacts in Gmail follow it step by step as given below:

  • The user can find contacts to merge option in their device’s contact app.
  • First of all open app contacts in contacts in your device’s
  • Tap the Menu>Menu and then suggestions option at the top left the side.
  • Next, users need to tap clean up duplicates option. If users don’t see this option that means there are no any contacts that can be merged.
  • Tap to merge option to accept a single duplicate contact suggestion.
  • finally, At the top of the screen, tap merge all option to accept all duplicate contact suggestions.

Follow method as given above step by step to merge duplicate contacts in Gmail but sometimes, users are unable to learn this process so they need to customer support helpline where they can get complete assistance to do this task.


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