Message Receiving Failed in Gmail? Find Instant Solution Here


Gmail won’t receive Emails” this is the most common problem with Gmail account users. There are lots of reasons behind “gmail isn’t receiving emails”; users must know all that reasons after that can easily resolve that problem.

In this post we will discuss all that problems also provide you a complete and perfect solution to fix that error. Read each one by one and overcome “gmail not receiving emails” problem as soon as.

Reasons and solutions of “Gmail is not receiving emails” error:

    • Sometimes Gmail consider some emails as spam by mistake and save all that email messages in Spam folder. Users should check the spam folder may be that message will be in spam. If that message stay over there, just mark that email as a “not spam”. Gmail will not put the similar message in spam folder.
    • If Gmail user enable Tab option in his/her account, user should check message in other tabs like social, updates and promotion. Email tabs split Gmail inbox into different sections that’s why Gmail messages automatically save in these sections. You can apply two solutions to fix this problem
      • First you can drag that message in inbox tab
      • Second you can disable your emails tab option after that all messages will automatically receive in Gmail inbox.
    • Sometimes browsers create problem to receive Gmail messages. Every user should install compatible browser in computer or android phone to use Gmail account perfectly. Always install supported browser such as Internet explorer, Google chrome and safari.
    • Internet also create problem to receiving emails that’s why every user must check internet properly connected to computer or phone device. If internet is not install or work proper way, user should contact to internet service provider.
    • Sometimes recipients sends heavy attachment with mail message that’s the why message not receive. In this case recipients should talk to sender to send attachment in compress folder.
    • Browser’s cookies and cache also a reason of “Gmail can’t receive email” problem. To overcome this problem user should remove all browsers cookies and cache.

      Follow given steps of remove browser cookies:

      • Open chrome browser, click on more icon.
      • After that press on more tool option, hit the clear browsing data option.
      • Check all the date which you want to delete
      • Press the clear browsing data option.

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