How to Search Email in Gmail Account?


Everyday Gmail users get hundred or thousand emails in their Gmail inbox where useful and useless both kinds of emails receive. Through Gmail filter users can manage their emails in perfect way. There is another option also available which instantly find particular Gmail message. Gmail search option is really helpful where users can type email address and name of receiver and get all email messages related to that email address.

In this post users will get complete method to search Gmail email and different method to search in Gmail. We will discuss one by one each method to search Gmail message.

In Gmail advance search lots of options are available to search message. To open Gmail advanced search users need to go main Gmail screen, next click on down arrow in the search bar. Advanced Gmail search box will appear top of the screen. Users will get eight different search elements of Gmail.

Label: users can search all Gmail or specific folder or label also chooses only starred messages or read or unread Emails.

Sender: In this users can find messages from particular individual or organization.

Recipient: users can search messages from specific individual or organisation.

Subject:  in this specific topic messages are can be search.

Body of Messages: In this element users can search a word or words in the body of Gmail message.

Attachments: this option is useful to search only attachment gmail messages.

Chats: users can exclude chats from search.

Size: search larger size of message.

Date: search message within a particular date and time frame.

Process to Search Gmail by Label

  • First users need to go advanced Gmail search box.
  • Next click on arrows > search field to open the pop-up menu.
  • Select the label where you want to search. The folder name will appear next to search field.
  • Next type email or subject or word in search field after that click on magnifying link as given bottom of pop-up menu now all messages will show related to that subject.

Method to Search Gmail by Sender

  • In the advanced Gmail search box type organization name in the “from” field.
  • For example if you type “xyz” company in from in all emails, type xyz in from field and click on magnifying link.
  • All message related to “xyz” will appear.

Method to search Gmail by Recipient

  • Type recipient name in “To” field of advanced search box.
  • Click on magnifying glass to search all received mail from typed recipient name.
  • All emails will appear.

Method to search Gmail by Subject:

  • In advanced search box type name of topic which you are finding in “subject field”.
  • Click on magnifying glass button.
  • All emails related to typed topic will show you.

Method to Search Message Anywhere:

  • You need to open advanced Gmail search box. To search message with specific text, users type that word in “Has the word” field.
  • Gmail search all the messages where typed word has included. If you want to exclude particular word in that message, you can type that word in “Doesn’t have” field.
  • Click on magnifying glass icon all the messages related that condition will appear.

Process to Search Gmail by Attachment:

  • If user wants to search only Gmail attachment messages, tick on select box of “attachment”.
  • Click on magnifying link, all messages which have file attach will appear.

Process to exclude chats from Gmail search:

  • If user wants to exclude chats from Gmail search, they need to select “Don’t include chats” option.
  • Click on magnifying link to search
  • All messages will appear to exclude chats.

 Method to Search Gmail Message by Size:

  • If user wants to search gmail message by size, go to advanced Gmail search box.
  • Click on greater than or less than option.
  • Type the numerical size in text field which will give next to greater than or less than field.
  • Select unit to size from the drop down menu which will give next to text field. Select MB, KB or bytes to select the unit size.
  • Click on magnifying glass icon, all message selected size will appear.

Method to Gmail Search by Date & Time:

  • If user wants to search Gmail messages of particular date and time, in Gmail advanced search box go to “date with in” option where users can select days like 1, week, month etc. from drop down menu and select date and year from next field of “date with in”.
  • Now click on magnifying glass icon, all messages of selected date and times will appear.

The Gmail search options are not ended here, users can search by operator which we will discuss in our next post.


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