How to Star Email in Gmail Account?


In Gmail inbox users receive thousand of email messages from different sources where some message are most important for users and other messages are not important.  It is difficult to find important emails in inbox that’s why Gmail users need to a feature where which can highlight important emails.

Gmail offers star system which is allowed users to mark important emails so users can find that entire message later. By default Starred messages are labeled with yellow color, but another color option is also available. Stars always display to the left of the sender’s name in users inbox.

Process to Starred Gmail Email Messages Step by Step:

  • Firstly, open Gmail on your computer.
  • In your inbox, go to the left of the particular message, click on Star sign. If email message is opened, click on more and click on Add star option.
  • If you have added multiple stars in different color, you need to keep clicking on the star icon until you see the star which you want to use.
  • Now your message has starred.

Method to Search Starred Emails in Gmail:

  • firstly, open your Gmail account on your computer.
  • Next, from the left side of the page, you need to click on starred. User may need to click first on More option.
  • There is shortcut to find starred messages in search box you need to type such as is:starred or has:with the name of star like has:yellow-star.

Method to add more start options in different color:

  • Open Gmail account on your computer.
  • Click on settings>settings in the top right corner
  • Next, click on settings option.
  • Scroll down to the “stars” section.
  • Drag stars which you want to use upper row.
  • Click on save changes button at the bottom of the page.


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