How to Turn On & Off Gmail Notification?


Notification is one of the useful features in Gmail where users get alerts on their phone or computer device while receiving any email message. Users can get this Gmail notification on all kinds of browsers like Google chrome, mozilla firefox or safari when you are signed in to Gmail and open it in your browser.

If you are the person who are searching method to Turn On and Off Gmail notification, this post can helpful for you where you will get complete method to notification turn on & off on Desktop, Android phone and iPhone or iPad. We are describing here complete process step by step so follow it do this task successfully.

Process to Turn notifications on or off on Desktop or Computer:

If user signed in to Gmail and open browser, user can get email notification on Google chrome firefox or safari browser. It should be remember that you won’t see any notifications if turned off all notification.

  • First of all open Gmail on your computer.
  • Go to settings >settings and settings from the top right.
  • Next, scroll down to the “desktop notifications” section.
  • Now select new mail notifications on, important mail notifications on or mail notifications off.
  • Click on save changes button at the bottom of the page.

Method to Turn On Gmail Notification on Android Phone:

  • First, you need to open the Gmail app on your android phone or tablet.
  • From the top left, tap Menu> Menu.
  • Go to settings.
  • Select your mail account.
  • For notifications turn on, check the box next to “notifications” option.
  • Next, tap the inbox sound & vibrate.
  • Finally choose your notification settings including sounds.

Method to Turn On Gmail Notification iPhone & iPad:

  • First of all must be sure that you have downloaded the Gmail app.
  • Next, on your iPhone or iPad, open the Gmail app.
  • From the top left, tap Menu > Menu.
  • Scroll the bottom after that tap settings.
  • Click on your account after that notifications.
  • Next, you need to select which types of emails you want to notifications for like All new mail or none.
  • If you see notification on your iPhone or iPad, you can swipe the message to the left, tap clear or view.



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