Unable to Register a New Gmail account?- Signup in Gmail


Gmail comes number one position top of the email service provider list. Every day, millions of new users register in Gmail free and premium accounts where some users have to face problem to create an account in Gmail.  

Why Can’t Setup or Create a New Gmail Account?

If you are one of the users who are unable to create a new Gmail account, this article will helpful for you. We will share a list of reasons & solution to resolve Gmail signup errors given below:

can't setup new gmail account

Username already exist: “sorry username already exist” this is the most common problem to sign up in Gmail account. There are lots of users who have taken same username. To overcome this problem user should choose a unique username for their Gmail account.

Password not match: “These passwords don’t match. Try again?” this message would show you if you not enter same password in “confirm your password” field. Every user should entered same password which entered in password field.

Entered Wrong Date of Birth: “Hmm, the day doesn’t look right. must be sure to use a 2-digit number that is day of the month”. This message would show you if you entered wrong date of month. You should carefully entered date of birth.

Select Incorrect Country: “This phone number format is not recognised. Please check the country and number.” If this message is showing you that mean you have choose wrong country and entered wrong phone number.




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