What are the Reasons and Solution to Change Gmail Account Password?


Whenever we talk about email security, password comes in our mind.  The password is proof or authentication which indicated that your Gmail account is safe. If you want to keep secure your Gmail account, you should change your Gmail password time to time. Every Gmail user should know importance to change Gmail password.

Why Should Change Gmail Password?

  • If any user considers 8 characters or fewer than for password, it might be account hijacked. Users must prefer more than 8 characters long password. It verifies that your password is more secure.
  • Mail password must start with some special characters, it make secure your account. If you prefer simple characters or number in password, there is possibility of account theft.
  • There are lots of users who prefer to use same password for multiple accounts like facebook, Gmail, hotmail, outlook and multiple Gmail accounts. Same password can make users in trouble and hackers can steal users’ password easily.  Always use different password in separate email accounts.
  • Password forgot is most common problem with Email users. Users should choose a password which related to users date of birth, anniversary and so on.
  • If you share your password with your friends and colleagues, there is possibility to read your some personal email without informing you. Users should change Gmail password when account is access without any information.
  • Some Gmail users do not aware about strong password that’s why they create a weak password of their mail account that can be a big cause to allow virus to gain access to users computer and spread all over the email account that’s why users should choose a strong password to access email account without any error.
  • If you notice that someone is trying to access your Gmail account or try to hack your Gmail account, you should immediately change Gmail password.

Follow method to change Gmail password as given below step by step:

  • First, you need to login to Gmail account.
  • Next, select settings option from gear icon.
  • In settings, click on “Accounts and Import”
  • Click on change password link in “Change account settings”.
  • enter new password
  • Next, enter same password in “confirm new password” field.

Your Gmail password has changed successfully; you can login to your Gmail account with this new password.



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