What is the Method to Set Up a Gmail Business Email with your Domain Name?

gmail business account

Follow the procedure to create Gmail business account as given below steps:

  • First, you need to select the month-to-month option if need to flexible plan which can be cancelled at any time. You want to save money then you can choose an annual plan where you can save $10 a year per email account.
  • If you have already a business website then you can use your business URL as your Gmail address for example if your website URL is www.xyz.com so you can create a Gmail business address as @xyz.com
  • Next, browse to google.com and press click on “Begin Free Trial” button. Enter your website name you selected in the top box. Type the domain which you want to appear after the [email protected] in your business Gmail email address. Click on the submit button.
  • Enter the complete administrative account information after that select username and password and enter the complete information about your company. Entered username will be assigned as the administrator account so you have to select an account based on the employee who admin and management in your organisation.
  • Agree to the terms of services after that click on “Print Terms and Conditions” link under each terms box, next click on “I accept! Create my account” button.
  • Next step, enter billing information. You will get a free trail of the service for 30 days and billing will start after the trail period ends if you don’t cancel your account.
  • During the trial period users can add up to 10 email accounts. After the trail period users can add unlimited email account and each account will increase monthly cost for the service.

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