Can’t Attach File in Hotmail & Unable to attach file in hotmail Account


Get Solution Can’t attach file in Hotmail or Unable to attach file in hotmail: After getting revamped into Outlook, the functionality and features of Hotmail have improved quite a lot. Sending and receiving emails through your Hotmail email ID is easier than ever before. However, it doesn’t mean Hotmail is now free from all kind of error and issue. Still, there are many small issues that can cause plenty of problems for the Hotmail users. One such issue is not being able to attach file in a Hotmail email.  The reason why you can’t attach file in Hotmail can be very diverse ranging from the file size to slow internet connection.

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If you are a Hotmail user and facing difficulty in attaching the file to a Hotmail email then you should keep reading this post. Here we will take you through the right method to attach files in Hotmail and techniques to fix different Hotmail attachment issues with ease.

How to attach the file in Hotmail?

Before we discuss the problems why you can’t attach file in Hotmail, you should take a look at the correct method to attach files in Hotmail email.

  1. Firstly, you need to open a new message in Hotmail. Alternatively, you can open a new reply or a forwarded message.
  2. Go to the “message” ribbon or “insert” ribbon and then choose “Attach File”.
  3. Choose the location from where you want to attach the file. You can simply attach the files from the following location.
    1. Recent items: From here you can attach the 12 most recent files you have worked upon.
    2. Browse Web location: If you want to attach files from an online location including SharePoint and OneDrive site then you should select this option.
    3. Browse this PC: You may use this option if you want to upload the files located locally in the PC you are using.
  4. If you select the file from your PC then the selected file will be attached straight away.
  5. In case you choose file stored in your OneDrive or SharePoint then you will have some special privileges. Instead of attaching the complete file you may also opt for sending the link of the file stored in your cloud drive. This will save some of your vital space and make your email message small.

Attaching Picture file in Hotmail

Sometimes, you may like to add a picture to your Email message on Hotmail. The process to insert the picture into a Hotmail message is different from attaching a file. Here are the steps by which you can attach a picture in Hotmail email.

  1. Place your cursor right over the location where you want the image to appear in your message.
  2. Go to the ribbon and select “Insert” followed by “Pictures”.
  3. Browse your PC or online location where the image file you want to insert is located. Select the picture file and click on the “Insert” button.
  4. The selected picture will be inserted into the message. Here, you can also resize the picture if you want.

Attach business card, calendar, or other email items in Hotmail message.

Follow the step given below if you want to attach a business card, calendar or other email items in a Hotmail email.

  1. Open a new message window in Hotmail and choose “Attach Item”.
  2. Select any one of the following as per your choice.
    1. Business Card
    2. Calendar
    3. Outlook Item
  3. Choose the item you are looking to attach in Hotmail.
  4. Finally, click on the “Insert” button.

Why you can’t attach file in Hotmail?

You can easily attach the files in Hotmail using the steps mentioned above. However, if you can’t attach file in Hotmail then the reason behind this can be as follows:

  1. Attaching a file bigger than the permissible limit.
  2. Trying to attach the file in a format that Hotmail consider unsafe.
  3. Weak internet connection which is unable to upload the attachment.
  4. Your email format might be incorrect etc.

Solve Unable to attachment in Hotmail account

If you can’t attach file in Hotmail then you should follow the steps given below very carefully.

  1. Firstly, you should make sure that your internet connection is fast enough to upload a file.
  2. The permissible limit of an attachment in Hotmail is 20 MB. If your file attachment size exceeds the limit then you should try to trim down the size. In order to do that you can divide the information into smaller files.
  3. Hotmail or Outlook consider some file formats unsafe, you should change the format of the files if you want to attach them. Some of the file format blocked in Hotmail/ Outlook are as follow
    • .mav, .mcf, .mda, .mdb, .exe, .app, asp, .ade, .crt, .jar, .pif, .ps1, .reg, .tmp, .website, .xll etc.
  4. Hotmail allows you to send email is three format i.e. HTML, plain text, and rich text. You should choose the format as per your attachment. For example: If you want to attach a picture in Hotmail email then you should select HTML or rich text format. Visit Hotmail Support Assist Number


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