How to Create a Signature in Outlook?


Outlook offers a signature facility which includes each email user send automatically. In this post users can know all the benefits of Outlook signature and know the method to create signature in Outlook.

If users have created a signature in Outlook, he/she don’t need to type same information in each message. Outlook user contact information stores in signature such as company phone number, company name, logo, address and website.  Type all contact information in signature box which will automatically attach with every message of outlook mail.

Through the Outlook signature users can share their contact details with each recipient of Outlook and users don’t need to type same information in each outlook message. Signature gives a professional look to users’ outlook email. Recipient can deeply know about company through company website, address and social media pages such as facebook page, twitter and integral.  Signature is only email features where users can promote their company information over the internet.

Process to Create Signature in Outlook Mail:

  • first of all Users need to Login to Outlook account.
  • Open a new message in your outlook account. on the message tab, in the include group, click signature, and click on signatures option.
  • Click on new on the e-mail signature tab.
  • Enter the name of signature.
  • Finally click on OK button.
  • Type the text information which you want to add in signature in edit signature box.
  • Users can format the signature text for this select the text, and choose the style and formatting buttons to select the options that you want.

Outlook users can add other elements in text such as electronic business care, add hyperlink, and add picture in Outlook signature. Follow the method as given below step by step:

Process to add Electronic business care in Outlook signature:

  • Select business card option.
  • now click on contact in the field as list.
  • Finally Click on OK button.

How to add a hyperlink in Outlook Signature?

User need to click on insert hyperlink icon, browser to a hyperlink or type information, click on select it option, and the click on OK button.

How to Add a Picture in Outlook signature?

  • Click on insert picture icon
  • Browse picture, click on select it option.
  • Click on OK.
  • User should Choose correct image file formats for pictures such as .bmp, .gif and .png.
  • Finally Click on OK button to finish creating the signature process.

Method to Add signature to messages:

Users can add signature in Outlook mail in two ways: first is signature can added automatically to all outgoing messages and second user can choose particular message to include a signature.

Process to insert a signature automatically in Outlook:

  • Click signature on the message tab, in the include group.
  • Choose default signature, in the e-mail account list, click an email account where you want to add the signature.
  • Now in the new message list, user needs to select the signature that he/she wants to include.
  • Finally Click on Ok.


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