I-833-4I0-5666 How to Create an Outlook Mail Account?


If we talk about mail clients, Outlook comes in top of the list. It offers large number of useful services free of cost. If you want to use Outlook services, you must have Outlook login details else create an Outlook mail account. There are lots of people who don’t know Outlook signup method that’s why we are sharing this post. You can find here complete guidelines to create Outlook account successfully.

Process to Create an Outlook Account Step by Step:

  • Type outlook.com in Internet browser.
  • com will redirect to https://outlook.live.com/
  • Click on “Create Account” link.
  • Fill all the required fields to register in Outlook account
  • First name: Type first name
  • Username: Enter username
  • Password: type password
  • Country: Choose country from given list.
  • Date of birth: Select date of birth
  • Gender: choose gender from the list
  • Country code: Select the country code where you belong
  • Phone number: Enter your phone number
  • Alternative email address: Enter your alternative email address if you have.
  • Enter captcha code.
  • Fill all the fields carefully and click on “Create account button”.

Login to outlook mail account and use all services. there are lots of people who are unable to create account in Outlook. list of some errors are given below to signup in Outlook:

Unable to create username in Outlook: same username has taken by many users that’s why users have to face problem to create username. you should always choose unique username for your outlook mail account.

Wrong password: if you create password in outlook, it must be combination of caps, small and numbers else your password will not taken by outlook.

Create Outlook Account 2017- Video


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