Outlook Not Responding Error in Windows 10 Step by Step


Solution of Outlook Not Responding Error in Windows 10”: Outlook is one of the most preferred email clients that are used by millions of people all over the world. It’s fast, easy, reliable and efficient. But many time users encounter certain difficulties with it that can make the entire user experiences nasty. One such problem is Outlook not responding error in Windows 10. Users often complain that Outlook frequently crashes or freezes or hangs and they cannot fix it. There are many reasons why the problem occurs in the first place.

One of the main causes behind Outlook not responding error in Windows 10 is the add-ins that interferes with the working of Outlook and causes it to stop working. There is also a possibility that some other program in the background is taking the resource which should be dedicated to the Outlook. But fret not, as by the end you’re done reading this post, you’ll figure out the efficient way to fix the Outlook not working in Windows 10 issue.

How to fix “Outlook not responding in Windows 10”

Freezing of Outlook can be very frustrating to the users as their work gets affected due to that. There are tons of solutions available on the internet but only a few of them really works. The problem in Outlook depends on situation to situation. What works for one person need not necessarily mean that it will work for others too. However, there are certain cases where the simple fix works like a charm. To fix the issue for good, simply follow the instructions given in the post.

Method 1: Open Outlook in safe mode

The best way to figure out the malfunctioning in Outlook is by opening it in safe mode. If in safe mode, it works normally then chances are that there might be a virus or 3rd party app interfering with the working of Outlook. To open Outlook in safe mode you need to type Outlook.exe/safe in the start menu and press the enter key on the keyboard. Now the Outlook will be opened up in safe mode. Ensure that it’s working fine or not. If not, then follow the other methods given in the post.

Method 2: Update Outlook to the latest version

A lot of time, software compatibility issues arises when the updates are not installed on time. Resulting in which Outlook might not work properly or starts crashing. To get rid of this, users have to regularly check for updates and install them on time. Here’s how to update Outlook-

  • Open MS Outlook and go to the file.
  • Now navigate to the product information and then click on the “update” option.
  • Click the “enable update” option to select the available updates.
  • Let the updates install and then open Outlook to check if it still crashes or not.

Method 3: Removing the Ad-ins in Outlook

Follow the steps given below to remove the ad-ins in Outlook-

  • Open Outlook and select the file menu.
  • Now click on the “Ad-Ins” and choose “COM Add-ins”.
  • Click on the “Go” button to clear all the checkboxes in the list.
  • Remove all the checkboxes and then restart MS Outlook.
  • Now enable your add-ins one at a time to identify which one is causing Outlook to not respond. To contact Outlook Customer Service Support


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