What is Process to Compose Email in Outlook?


If you are new outlook users who don’t know method to compose new Outlook email message, this post can helpful for you where you will get assistance to create a email in Outlook mail account.

Process to create new email message in Outlook account:

  • Firstly, click on new email or press Ctrl + N key.
  • If many email accounts are configured in your Outlook, from button will appears and it will show sent message of that account. For change account you need to click on “From”.
  • Type the subject line in the subject box for your message.
  • Next, enter the recipients email address or names in the To, Cc or Bcc box. If you have multiple recipients, separate it with a semicolon.
  • For selecting recipient’s names from contact list, users need to go address book and click on To, Cc or Bcc after that users can click the names that they want.
  • If user doesn’t see the Bcc box, he/she need to turn it on.
  • For appearing Bcc box for this and all future messages, users need to click on options, and then in the show fields group, click on Bcc option.
  • If users wants to attach any doc file, picture and video, they need to click attach item to attach outlook items, such as email messages, tasks, contacts or calendar items.
  • After completing this all above steps message composing has completed.
  • Finally click on Send option.

Sometimes users are getting problem to follow process, they need to Outlook support where they can get complete assistance to overcome all problems.



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