How to Block Pop-ups or Unwanted ads on Internet Explorer?


In digital world there is not any person who doesn’t know about internet or not using internet. For searching users need to Internet browser and Internet explorer is one of them where users can browse particular website. Sometimes unwanted ads and pop ups window are open in the bottom when user click on it another web page open. These popup windows make stuck users to do their work that’s why users need to a method to get rid of pop ups or unwanted ads on internet explorer.

Internet explorer offers pop-up blocker settings where users can turn On/Off as their requirements. If user wants to get rid of these unwanted ads, they need to turn on the Pop-up blocker. Sometimes users get problem because they are unable to open particular website, in that situation they can turning off Pop-up blocker.

In this post we will discuss method to Turn On or Off Pop-up blocker in Internet explorer.

Method to Turn-on Pop-up Blocker on Internet Explorer:

  • First of all users need to open internet explorer on their computer desktop, taskbar and in phone they can go all apps list, and tap the internet explorer icon.
  • Tap the gear button or tools menu. If you don’t get this option, you can press the alt key after that click on tools menu.
  • Next, select the “Internet options”. Internet options window will be open.
  • Click, on the Privacy tab.
  • Now check the “Turn on Pop-up blocker” box. Click on save the changes button to apply this setting.

Method to Turn-Off Pop-up Blocker on Internet Explorer:

  • For turning-off pop-up users need to follow same three steps as given above.
  • finally unchecked the “Turn on Pop-up blocker” box. Save the settings.

Sometimes, Pop-ups or ads do not block completely that situation users can download free ad blocker add-ons on browser. There is lots of free software available to block unwanted ads.



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