How to Turn-on or Connect Wi-Fi in Windows-10?


Microsoft launched windows 10 with new little advance features. Windows users always want to connect your device to Wi-Fi. There are many users who don’t know the method to connect windows 10 laptop, tablet or PC to a wireless network that’s why they need to a support where they can get complete method step by step to connect Wi-Fi to windows 10.

If users want to connect Wi-Fi, they need to a few details such as name of the wireless network and the password (both are printed on router device). If you have PC, it sure that wi-fi is fitted with Wi-Fi adaptor. Lots of PCs don’t have Wi-Fi that is connecting to a router using network cable.

Method to Connect Wi-Fi on Windows 10 step by step:

  • Generally, users can see a Wi-Fi icon near the clock in the taskbar. This option will show along the bottom of your screen. Click or tap on that option that is displaying the list of the available Wi-Fi networks.
  • If icon is not showing, press the windows –A to open new action centre which you will find at the bottom. If user doesn’t get it, click on the “expand” button to show more icons.
  • Now Action centre is expanded:
  • Click on the one which you want to connect and must be sure that “connect automatically” box is ticked. This setting helps to connect computer that network whenever it is Wi-Fi range.
  • When you click on connect option, it will ask you for password. It is very important to uncheck the “share network with my contacts” box. If you leave this checked, all your skype and hotmail contacts will connect to your network automatically when someone visits you. This feature can useful for some users but it can be risky for many users who don’t want to share their information.
  • Microsoft always sent user Wi-Fi password in encrypted form. Guests will unable to access computers or other network devices on that user network. They will access if share password to guests.
  • There are some routers and hotspots offered an extra option where user click connect: The ability to press the WPS button on the router to connecting computer without entering a password.
  • Finally you have done that, or entered the password. Users will see as message “verifying and connecting” and assuming the password is corrects – a “Connected” message.

Follow all above steps and successfully connect Wi-Fi with your laptop, PC and computer.


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