Why is my computer so slow all of a sudden?


Computer is slowing down is one of the most common problems. There are lots of reasons which make slow down your computer or laptop speed such as download programs, install extension, surf the web, hard drive has full with movies and music and virus are occurred in your computer which impact your computer performance down.

We have searched some most common reasons which are responsible to make your PC down. We will discuss each one by one also provide solution to overcome that problem.

Many add-ons installed in your browser:

All browser extensions don’t good. Mostly computer users assume that their computer is going to slow because add-ons installed with free software download. These add-ons may install popup blockers or search protectors but they are browser adware that can be making slow down computer because pop-ups and downloading ads are continuously showing bottom bar of browser. To fix these problems users should be disabling or remove browser extensions and toolbars which users don’t really need it. Every browser has different way to disable or remove extensions.

Many Programs are running at once in computer:

computer is a world where millions of things can work at the same time. This is the place where multiple programs can work together but sometimes the demand of the open programs are much memory and processing, computer is slow down. To overcome these issue users should shut down their PC. In Macs, windows 10, windows 7 and earlier versions of windows, users can close the programs from the file menu option.

Many browser tabs opened:

if you open dozens of tabs on your browser, it takes more part of RAM to run. if many tabs open in your browser, it can slow down your computer speed. Users should close unnecessary tabs and only open useful tabs.

There many reasons are responsible to make slow down computer. first of all find the exact reason after that find the solution to overcome that problem.



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