How to Automatically Add Recipients in Yahoo Mail?


Contact list plays the very important role in Email because all the emails of your friends, family, and clients save in this list. For creating a contact list in Yahoo, users have to add each contact one by one in the contact list and this process is time taking which waste lots of time of users.

Yahoo offers a feature which saves the time of Yahoo users to adding recipients to yahoo contacts. Automatically add recipients option is available in Yahoo mail where users don’t need to add recipients contacts into the list, it will automatically add to Yahoo contact list.

There are lots of Yahoo mail users who don’t know about automatically add recipients feature of Yahoo mail. If you are one of the users who want to use this feature but doesn’t know the method to do this, this post can helpful for you. Users can find here complete assistance to automatically add the recipients to Yahoo contact list.

Method to Add Recipients in Yahoo Contact List Step by Step:

  • First of all, sign into Yahoo email account.
  • In a Yahoo mail, you need to mouse over the settings menu icon small gear icon.
  • Select the settings option.
  • Next, click on writing email option.
  • Users need to select automatically add new recipients to the contacts list.
  • If you don’t want to this option, you can deselect the option.
  • Finally, click on save button.

After applying above settings, all the recipients’ contacts will automatically save into Yahoo mail contact list. Yahoo users don’t need to waste their time to add contacts one by one into Yahoo contact list.


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