Can’t Sign into Yahoo Mail Account need help?


As all, we know that email is one of the best methods where users can share email messages, doc files etc. over the internet and email offers various kinds of useful services to their users. To use all email services, users have to log in to their email account. In this post, we will discuss unable to login yahoo mail or can’t sign into Yahoo mail account.

There are various kinds of reasons are responsible for sign in failed in Yahoo mail desktop or Android. If yahoo mail users failed to find a specific reason, they will continuously face Yahoo sign in problems.

Reasons for unable to access Yahoo mail account:

Forgot Yahoo mail password or ID:

if users have forgotten the password or ID of Yahoo mail, they can use recovery option to get back into their mail accounts such as mobile number, recovery phone number, and email address all these can help to get back login to Yahoo mail account. Users should create a strong password when they will change the password of their mail account.

“Invalid Id or Password” Error:

if this error will show at the time of login in Yahoo mail, this means that the password and Yahoo Id combination user entered doesn’t match so users should check following things:

First of all, check the “caps lock” or “num lock” keys- must sure that haven’t toggled these on.

The second one user should check the browser auto-fill settings: if your browser remembers your mail password and recently you have changed, and it must be updated settings in your browser.

Finally, check the third one user should try to sign in Yahoo mail using a different supported browser. Maybe the problem is occurring in the browser which you are using.

Password changed by someone:

if your mail account password has broken by hacker also changed it, users can try sign-in helper to get back into your account and change your mail account password as soon as.

First time signing:

if the user tries to log in from different location and device, Yahoo asks the user to enter an account key which will send on recovery phone or email address to verify that it’s really user is login.

“Account locked” error:

To protect your mail, yahoo can temporarily lock your account after many unsuccessful login attempts. Your account will unlock automatically after 12 hours.

“Sign-in screen loops” error:

if sign-in screen keeps reappearing after click on “sign in”, the user needs to reset the “sign-in” cookies. Does user need to click on not you? From the sign-in page after that enter your Yahoo ID and password and click on sign in button.

If your yahoo mail account locked because of someone using your mail account, you should immediately change the login details help of sign-in get to back method.


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