(1-833-295-1999) How to Reactivate or Recover Deleted Yahoo Email Account?


There are lots of Yahoo mail users who create more than one Yahoo mail accounts such as one for personal use and a second one for business use etc. so it’s difficult to remember the password of all of that mail account that’s why users delete one of the Yahoo mail accounts. Sometimes, users remove important mail account by mistake that’s why they need to reactivate their permanently deleted yahoo mail account.

There are some users who don’t keep backup of their Yahoo mail account so they have to face problem to recover their deleted email account.

Don’t worry Yahoo offers the solution to reactivate deleted yahoo mail account if users come in under the terms and condition of Yahoo.

Every user should know all about these limitations of Yahoo email account recovery if users account comes in these terms and condition, email can be recovered easily.

Limitations to reactivate permanently deleted Yahoo Email Account:

  • first of all, Users can recover their Yahoo mail accounts within 40 days of deletion.
  • another one is If Yahoo users from Australia or New Zealand, they can recover Yahoo account within 90 days.
  • If Yahoo account registered in Brazil or Taiwan, the recovery time period will be 180 days.

There are some conditions where users can’t reactivate their permanently deleted Yahoo mail account.

  • If Yahoo mail account is not using by last 12 months, email account can’t reactivate.
  • There is no option of reactivating your email account if mail account comes in violate terms and condition of Yahoo.

If users Yahoo account doesn’t come to all above condition, Users can easily reactivate their deleted Yahoo mail account. In this post, we will help you to reactivate or recover your deleted mail account.

Method to Recover Permanently Deleted Yahoo email:

  • First of all, users need to go sign in helper page of Yahoo mail.
  • Next, they need to enter their Yahoo ID or Email address which they want to recover.
  • Now users have to give an answer to questions that user sees over the screen to verify user identity.
  • After the confirmation, there will be a message appear as “success”. This message shows that user has signed into his/her Yahoo mail account.
  • Finally, yahoo account has reactivated which users can use same way they were using early.

Sometimes, Yahoo account is deleted by someone, however, users should immediately change the password of their Yahoo mail account. they should try to recover Yahoo mail account.


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