How to Recover Deleted Picture from Yahoo Email Account?


If you have accidentally removed a Yahoo email with a picture attachment and you want to recover attach a picture, you can easily recover it because all deleted emails are temporarily stored in Trash folder that’s why Yahoo email users can easily recover deleted emails, picture, and other files.

There are lots of yahoo mail users who don’t know the method to recover deleted picture Yahoo email attachment that’s why they need to a place where they can find complete assistance to recover a deleted picture of Yahoo email.

If you are one of the users who is facing the same issue, you can read this post and get the best assistance to recover a deleted picture of Yahoo email.

Method to Recover Deleted Picture Yahoo Mail:

  • First of all, Type “” in the web browser address bar so you will redirect to yahoo mail login page.enter
  • Enter your Yahoo email address or username, and password into the login fields. Now click on the “Sign In” button. You have successfully logged into your Yahoo mail account, and redirected to Yahoo mail inbox.enter email address and password
  • The user needs to open Trash. Click on trash link which will show the left panel menu. All the deleted emails will show in this trash trash folder
  • Next, the user needs to find the picture attached email so click on it and the email will be open. Check that if you got the correct email with a picture trash folder
  • You can move this email. click on the “Move” button from the header toolbar after that select “inbox ” or any other folder where you want to move deleted on move link
  • Finally, you can recover the picture attached to an email. Because of deleted yahoo mail has recovered and again saves into the inbox. open image
  • Users can open that email and view the attach picture and download it anytime.

Method to Recover Yahoo Deleted Mail using Mobile App

If you have installed yahoo mail app on your mobile device, you can also recover deleted Attach picture of Yahoo email through the phone device. Follow the method as given below:

  • First of all, users need to tap on Yahoo mail App logo which will show on user’s mobile screen.

click on yahoo mail app

  • Next, log into Yahoo email by entering Yahoo mail ID or username and password. Tap on the “Sign In” button. Users can skip this step if they have already signed into their Yahoo mail account.
  • log into yahoo mail
  • Next, tap the folder button in the top left corner. All folders will appear a left panel window.
  • Tap the trash button to access your trash folder. All the deleted emails will be shown you if that will not remove from trash.
  • Find the email attach pictures. Find the email one that has the picture you want to recover. Tap that email now email will load on the right panel.
  • Select the email from the left panel. The toolbar will appear on the right panel. You need to tap the folder button with a downward arrow. This option will open a window with your other folder. Select “inbox” or any other folder where you want to move to your deleted email.
  • download picture
  • Finally, you can recover deleted picture. Open the attach picture email, and you can view and download the picture from that email.


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