+1 209 790 3399 How to Search Email Message in Yahoo Mail Account?


If you have a Yahoo email account, you receive hundreds of emails message per day and that messages will be official or personal. Your Yahoo mail inbox full of thousands of emails and users have to face a problem to find a particular email message in these thousand of Yahoo emails.

Yahoo users need a tool where they can easily search a particular mail message in their mail account. Yahoo offers a search feature which helps to find emails, attachments, photos, and calendar. The help of few search terms or advanced search users can easily find the particular item in their mail account.

There two ways to search in Yahoo mail, and we will discuss both of them in this post to follow up each method step by step.

The quick search in Yahoo Mail

  • Basic Search in Yahoo Mail: In this search method users need to enter particular keywords in the top search bar yahoo mail after that click on the search image icon.
  • Search by Sender: if email list viewing, mouse over 1 and click on the search icon image of the “search by sender” option.
  • Finally, the process of quick search is ended.

Advanced Search in Yahoo mail

  • Refine Yahoo searches with keywords
  • first of all, In this users can find a message with the subject line or search the certain person by place there “Subject:” or “From:” before type a search term such as from:allbert or subject: work at home.
  • If you want exclude something or someone from the subject line or sender’s name, you can use a minus sign before the excluded field such as allbert –from:allbert and work at home –subject:work at home
  • The process is almost done.

Results to the folder, date range, and subject field and more

  • First of all, click on the search options icon from the top search bar.
  • Enter search criteria where result only shows for that field you have entered.
  • now follow the different options such as limit by folder, date, or attachment:
  • In limit by folder: users need to select a folder where they want to search.
  • limit by date: in this field, users can select a predefined range or pick a custom dates hence all emails will show date wise.
  • In limit by attachment: In this field show emails with only attachments, photos, or calendar.
  • Finally, click on the Search button.



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