How to Starred or Unstarred Yahoo Email Messages? – Get Complete Method.


Yahoo offers a star feature which allows users to mark their most important emails. It is helpful to easily find the important email. Yahoo users can search that emails later. This star icon will show left of the subject.

If you are Yahoo mail users who want to star some emails, there are lots of ways to apply starred feature on Yahoo mail. In this post, we will describe all the ways in one by one so follow it and successfully starred yahoo email messages.

We will also describe here a method to delete starred from Yahoo mail messages.

Method to starred email messages in Yahoo mail account:

  • First of all, login to Yahoo mail account.
  • Next, select email message which you want starring.
  • Click on more option, show next to spam option given above message box.
  • Choose “star” option from the list of more option.
  • Finally, your message will star, a user can check starred a message in starred folder show in the right sidebar.

Another way to star a message in Yahoo mail account:

  • Go to the subject line of the message where left side star icon will be hidden just click on this hide star icon now message will be starred.

Method to unstarred Yahoo Emails:

  • First users need to login to their yahoo mail account.
  • Next, select the message which they want to unstar.
  • Go to the more option as given above bar and select “clear star” option which will show in the list.

Another way is to an unstarred email message is users can go to the subject line of a message from the left side star icon will show just click on it help of a mouse, this star icon will be hidden.

Follow each step carefully and easily apply starred or unstarred feature of yahoo mail messages.


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