Why Suspicious Activity Detected while Sending Email in Yahoo Mail Account?


Sometimes, Yahoo users have to face suspicious activity detected issue while sending email to their Yahoo mail account. To protect all Yahoo users, yahoo temporarily blocks sending on account that is flagged with spam or suspicious sending message.  If your Yahoo mail is showing “suspicious activity” or “account temporarily blocked from sending a message”, don’t worry users can access to their emails and receive email messages while you can wait for the hold expired.

There are lots of Yahoo mail users who don’t know reasons behind these errors that are why they need to places to find the best assistance of suspicious activity detected on Yahoo mail. In this post we are describing all the reasons Yahoo mail account temporary blocked:

Reasons for Yahoo mail account blocked for suspicious sending habits:

  • If users sending a lot of emails in short time, yahoo mail account comes in suspicious activity.
  • Yahoo mail users sending duplicate info in their email account repeatedly.
  • Sending one or more emails message to a large number of recipients, it will also count in suspicious activity.
  • A message stuck in Yahoo mail outbox app this is also a reason to count as suspicious activity in the user’s account.

Sometimes, all above suspicious activities are not done by users of Yahoo mail account instead all are done by someone. Users should immediately find that person and secure their Yahoo hacked account.

To avoid “suspicious activity” error in Yahoo mail in future remembers tips as given below:

  • Users should try to send email as plain text if it contains hyperlinks in messages.
  • Don’t be sending a large number of email messages in short period of time.
  • If you want to send the same email on regular basis to large number recipients, must be using Yahoo groups.
  • The user should remove and re-add the Yahoo mail account from any non-Yahoo mail app that may be accessing it.



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