Why Yahoo Email Sent but not Received?


If you are using email, it is very common you have to face different kinds of technical problem to use your Yahoo mail account. sent email is not received is one of the issues in Yahoo mail. In this post, we will discuss Yahoo email sent but not received problem. We will find all the reasons why this problem occurs and what can be the solution to remove Yahoo email sent but not received in Yahoo inbox.

There are lots of Yahoo mail users who don’t know the method to overcome Yahoo email not received problem. Now, follow the complete procedure given below to overcome this issue as soon as.

There are some things Yahoo users should check as given below:

First of all, Yahoo users must be sure that the email was sent successfully

. To do this task successfully they should check following:

Check Yahoo mail sent folder: if sent email shows in the sent folder, the email was successfully sent.

Check email type in the correct way: Sometimes, users do email address typing mistake that’s why the mail is not delivered to the correct mail address. Users should make sure the address in the “To” field of their sent email is correct.

Check the drafts folder: if a sent email is not in the sent folder, check draft folder may be your email waiting to be sent.

Ask the recipient to check their Yahoo mail Account

Spam folder of Yahoo mail: must be checked yahoo spam folder, it may be your message has delivered in the spam folder, not in inbox.

Check blocked address list: sometimes email address has accidentally been blocked by recipients that are why check it blocked email address list.

Check filters: it may be recipients have applied a filter on their yahoo mail address to move email matching certain keyword criteria to another folder.

So users should check all points as given above. After checking all it but still your message not received then users can contact with Yahoo mail support to fix this issue.


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